Cyber Viking Tokenomics

Cyber Viking is a BEP20 deflationary token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 $Cyberviking tokens. Each transaction of the crypto has a 10% tax. Half of the tax is distributed amongst the community via its static reward system. While the other half becomes a part of the Automatic LP System and goes back to LP on pancakeswap.

You are early on the buy as the market cap is still $10,088 and the current trading price is well under a cent at $0.0000000000100932. Total holdings are at 1.48 BNB 2.57 BNB ($1,007).

Cyberviking is a BEP20 token, which gives its users the advantage of lower gas fees compared to ECR20 token.

he Cyber Viking Plan

Cyber Viking Plans in launching an NFT platform where users can mint NFTs without expensive gas fees. Cyber Viking wants to provide artists a new way of selling NFTs and reaching out to potential buyers. Right now NFT market is going through a boom. But Cyber Viking thinks it is still far from its true potential.

Getting more people into the NFT ecosystem seems to be an uphill task. Buyers are still skeptical of the market and artists get cold feet by looking at the exorbitant gas prices.

The first 2 plans in the Cyber Viking playbook are:

Creating an NFT marketplace on the Binance network and implementing passive minting. The NFT smart chain will offer users lower gas fees. The passive minting will make more artists adopt the platform as they will only be charged a minting fee once they sell their artwork.

Getting more games to adopt NFTs as in-game items. Gaming is already one of the biggest industries out there. moreover these days game developers are making more money by selling in-game items. Minting these items as NFTs will introduce a whole new demographic to NFT trading.


Is Cyber Viking affiliated with Elon Musk?

No, even though cyberviking is based on a tweet by Elon Musk. The token is not associated with him.

How can I buy Cyber Viking tokens?

Cyber Viking can be easily purchased via Decentralized Exchanges such as Pancakeswap.

How can I mine Cyber Viking coins?

Cyber Viking is a deflationary currency that means no more cyber Viking coins can be mined by anyone.

How can I participate in the Cyber Viking token airdrop?

There is no Cyber Viking Airdrop planned as of now.

Will Cyber Viking go to the moon?

We hope it will.




Cyber Viking is a high yield, frictionless cryptocurrency token minted a the Binance Smart Chain Network. $Cyberviking is a deflationary token, that rewards you

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Cyber Viking

Cyber Viking

Cyber Viking is a high yield, frictionless cryptocurrency token minted a the Binance Smart Chain Network. $Cyberviking is a deflationary token, that rewards you

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